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Whether a 2Gether customer, or just interested in saving money, you're in the right place.

What we do

Here at 2Gether we have made our name providing specialist insurance and breakdown cover to hundreds of thousands of customers for over a decade. Club2Gether was a natural progression, rewarding our customers for their loyalty, whilst at the same time providing genuine discounts and benefits as well as saving money. Demand of this was such that we are now able to offer this both our own customers, as well as the general public, alike.

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With a great selection of free offers and discounts available from the moment you sign up you can instantly make your money go further.



Club2gether work with leading brands amongst others to bring you the best possible deals and discounts, making sure you get more bang for your buck.



With a diverse range of offers and discounts, which are continually updated and expanded upon, there is something for everyone with Club2gether.

What's on offer

At Club2gether, we don't just provide you with a one stop shop to save money and benefit from discounts and giveways. As Club2gether is part of the wider 2Gether Insurance Group, this encompasses a range of insurances and related products that you know you can trust, from a leading national provider.

Savings & Discounts

Using our years of industry expertise, purchasing power, and marketplace standing, we are able to offer a suite of fantastic discounts, promotions, benefits and exclusives that are unsurpassed.

From free car washes, to 50% off restaurant bills, we have assured that the membership fee of £89.99 for the year will easily be outweighed and more, by the numerous savings you will make.

Saving money has never been such fun!

Recognised Brands

Everyone likes brands and names that they recognise and trust. Whether it's something we wear or somewhere we eat out. We all like saving money too. So why not have both? At Club2gether we use our purchasing power to bring you the biggest high street names in tandem with discounts and offers that appeal to all.

Diverse Selection

Here at 2Gether we made our name providing bespoke insurance and motor breakdown products, but this doesn't mean that the benefits within Club2gether are geared solely towards financial services (although we provide these too!).

We have an ever expanding range and selection of great products and benefits to bring you, from all areas, to suit all tastes.

So whether racing around a track in a sports car is your thing, or having a leisurely lunch with friends, you can rest assured Club2gether can save you money.

Added Bonuses

Because Club2gether is bought to you by the 2Gether Insurance Group, not only will you have access to numerous special offers and discounts as part of your Club2gether membership, you will also be able to call upon our other services from a name that you can trust.

So whether your car insurance is due for renewal, your breakdown cover, your horsebox, your motorhome, your kit car, your classic car, your Japanese or American import, your home insurance, your travel insurance, amongst many others, we are here to help.

How it works

Easy as 1-2-3. For just £89.99 for the year, you get unrestricted, exclusive access to Club2gether and all the benefits, discounts and giveaways therein. You can browse and filter the many options on offer at your own leisure, and when you see something you like, simply redeem it by adding it to your basket. From there, once you have completed the redemption, you will be emailed the details of how to fully redeem the offer within the next 30 minutes, giving you instant gratification.

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Sign up easily and instantly for just £89.99 for the year. During this time you can redeem and benefit from as many offers as you wish


Redeem as many of the discounts and offers as you wish during your membership, and remember to keep checking back, for new additions and exclusive benefits.


Enjoy the large selection of offers, benefits and discounts, exclusive to you as a Club2gether member.

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Want to know more about Club2gether? Fortunately for you we have a dedicated call centre at hand which you can make use of to answer any questions or queries you may have. Alternatively, you can drop us an email or fill in the form below, and we shall endeavour to respond as soon as we can.

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